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"Phetbunsong" might grasp the million baht surely. @ 2015-04-27

Klay N. Naksin is really confident that Phetbunsong Phetchinda might pass into the final round of millionaire of 5 stars chicken surely after he has showed his excellent form to grasp the champions in 3 matches on the first round and the number 1 of line A.

For Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on last Sunday of 19th April 2015 at International boxing stadium , there will be the master couple boxer or Phetbunsong Phetchinda to show the great form by overcoming Chingreadthong P. Aiemheng with several scores and pass into the Semi Final round as the number 1 of line A following by Phetnakin W. Sangphraphai as the second one.

Lately, Klay N. Naksin or the senior boxer of Phetbunsong Phetchinda has revealed with confidence to pass into the final round because of his hot form.

Klay N. Naksin said that he is really certainly that Phetbunsong might pass at least the Semi Final round because if in the first three matches it has no mistake , he might grasp the champion for sure to be cheered up by the Muay Thai fans.

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