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Open the lists of Max on this 24th May 2015 @ 2015-06-06

Numphet or Arsira Taochareonchai has revealed that there are the lists of Suek Max Muai Thai broadcasted on this Sunday of 24th May 2015 on channel 8 since 6.20 – 8.20 p.m. between Aekkaphob Taladnam 4 Phak from Thailand fighting with Sasiphraphayim or the former champion of Sahaphan Word Occupation Muai Thai from France in this program definitely including of other excellent ones.

Then, for Max Muai Thai in this moment this program has showed the excellent works on this boxing circle after getting the number 1 boxer of channel 8 to make everyone admire him. In addition, he might fight on Max Stadium Pattaya broadcasted since 6.00-8.00 p.m. to watch on this Sunday of 24th May 2015. After that, Numphet Arsira Taochareonsuk or the hot executives has revealed to the reporters including of showing the good works by making the list of Aekkaphob Taladnam 4 Phak or the beloved boxer of the famous business man named Manat Meephong to fight with Ramey Sasiphraphayim or the excellent champion of Sahaphan World Occupational Muai Thai program from France or the beloved disciple of Master Kob or Thakoon Phongsupha as the master couple boxer of the program. What’s more, there will be Yodyut Sorsor Nawat from Thailand to fight with Ben Kaewsamrit from Cananda , Fanta Sitsiaprame from Thailand to fight with Michael Sityodthong from Italy , Onephikhad Ch. Chanathip to fight with Paveal Sasiphraphayim from Poland , Mahasarn Phobtheeratham from Thailand to fight with Saito Sudsakorm Muai Thai Yim from Japan and Mongkolchaiwinclub from Thailand to fight with Phetthongkham S. Sirilak from Thailand.

Numphet gossiped to the reporters that in this moment Max Muai Thai program has ranked in the number 1 of channel 8 , so he is glad to create such a great work to Muai Thai. However, it should wait for minutes to fight in the international program with good quality.

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