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It is certain that "Rit" might become the top boxer in the future with his good attention. @ 2015-06-17

The Lietunent Man or Sittisak Wisatekit is really confident that Rit S. Wasatekit or the Cambodian boxer in his team might become to be the top one of our country for sure. Furthermore, this boxer is the diligent one to practice himself , especially for the latest match that he can win the new star one or Sanson Aerawan in Suek Phetyindee on last Tuesday. Then, he is really certain that soon Rit might become the famous star boxer of this Muay Thai life of course.

After Rit Sorwor Satetakit can win the scores of Sanson Aerawan as the second couple one in Suek Phetyindee on this Tuesday of 2nd June 2015 for the latest match , now the lietunent Man or the big boss of the boxing camp has revealed that his disciple might go forward to become the top one of our Muay Thai life.

The Lietunent Man revealed that this boxer has his good attention to practice himself , so in the near future he might go forward to be the top one for sure as same as being the excellent boxer. Besides, he can learn everything fast as well as knowing his task excellently , and in the latest match he can overcome Sanson. Therefore, he is confident that this boxer might become to be the top one on our Muay Thai life , so the Muay Thai fans should catch the eyes on him well too.

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