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"Oungree" would like to be back for grasping his champion. @ 2015-06-26

Ongree S. Dechaphan has trained himself powerfully in order to prepare for fighting with Phetrung Sitsornong in 105 pounds. Besides, he has boasted through the media to the junior one that this champion belt might belong to him again for sure.

For the latest progress of Suek Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai broadcasted on this Friday of 5th June 2015 , Chun Kertphet and Sia Khwak P.K. have brought several excellent couple ones at Rachadamnern boxing stadium to join in this game leading by the master couple one between Phanphayak Chitmuengnon to fight with Pharanchai or Kangkhaenlek S. Tawanrung. In addition, for the latest news , it shows that this couple one is the interesting one to grasp the champion of Mini Flyweight in 105 pounds at Lumphinee boxing stadium between Ongree S. Dechaphan or the former champion and Phetrung Sitsornong or the new hot star. Lately, Ongree has revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam for besting regard to Phetrung that now his body condition is in excellent way. Then, he is ready to fight in this game for grasping this champion belt again.

Therefore, at this moment his body condition is in the great way , so he would like to fight more rapidly. Then, if this match he has faced with Phetrung , he isn’t afraid of him after he has trained himself fully. Finally, it should best regard to Phetrung that this champion belt might belong to him definitely after belonging to Ongree for the last match.

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