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It should push up "Phetsuphaphan" to fight with "Santhanong" in this match. @ 2015-07-16

Lately, Big Song has increased to make the list of Phetsuphaphan Ph. Daewrungriang in order to prove his performance to Santhanong T. Silachai or the champion of Siam Om Noi boxing stadium because of their both fresh form.

On last Wednesday, it has been revealed from Noi Banphong or one of the teamwork in Suek One Thong Chai about the progress to fight broadcasted on last 24th June 2015 that now Suwannaphum S.T.D. Transports isn’t ready to fight. Then, it has removed the name of him out of the program , so later Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasuban has said in the meeting that the teamwork should improve and adjust this couple one instantly. Finally, it has increased the couple one between Phetsuphan Ph. Daewrungriang to fight with Santhanong T. Silachai replacing of the old one already, and Phetsuphaphan has bargained weight for his couple one for 3 pounds too with the suitability.

Noi Banphong revealed that it should adjust for the suitability for the couple one , so the way to make the list for Phetsuphaphan to fight with Santhanong will be the fitted one with all fresh form. Then, the Muay Thai fans might favor of this one as same as the others ; namely, the master one or Kingsanglek T. Laksong to fight with Denkriangkrai Kerttiphonthip too.

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