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"Klasuek" might overcome "Sam A" for sure. @ 2015-09-24

Sia Tung Phetphiya has revealed for sending Klasuek Phetchinda to fight with Sam A Phetyindee Academy as the master one of Suek Phetphiya for the big match broadcasted on this 15th September 2015. Then, it should give the opportunity for Klasuek to become the well-known one.

Sia Tung reveals that it should question why the teamwork and him have sent Klasuek to fight with Sam A. Indeed, he believes that Klasuek might become to be the new star for sure.

For Suek Phetphiya, Sia Tung might make the lists of the master ones ; namely, Sam A Phetyindee Academy to fight with Klasuek Phetchinda following by the second one or Sakphet Fighter Muai Thai to fight with Morakot Khomsaimai , Palangphon Phetyindee Academy to fight with Rungnarai of Rattanabundit university , Chaiyo Phetyindee Academy to fight with Phetphangan S. Suksom and Nayok A Thasala to Wittayalek Singphon Rama V.

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