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"Kodea" has cheered up for “Sing" to earn the score. @ 2015-10-24

“Kodea Thungsong” has cleared the statistic of the boxer on channel 7 or Sing Pharanchai since he has moved to stay with the big boss of Thungsong on last February 2015. Besides, after that now he has won for 12 matches continuously , and on this 22nd October 2015 he might fight at Rachadamnern boxing stadium although he has his more disadvantages than his couple one. On the other hand, he might go forward to earn the score after he has fought at Rachadamnern boxing stadium before to lose for San, Kaew and Sia on the past matches.

Then, it has the popular boxing camp named Camp Pharanchai at Thongsong district of Nakornsrithammarat province. Moreover, Kodea or Pharanchai Adithepworaphan or the big boss might make the list of the couple boxers to fight at Rachadamnern boxing again on this Thursday of 22nd October 2015 in order to gain one million baht. Therefore, it will have Suek Chuchareonmuaithai and Suek S. Sommai boxing program setup by Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong that will have the beloved boxer on channel 7 or Sing Pharanchai to fight as the master couple one with Methee Sorchor Tongpadreaw as the first time too.

The big boss of Thungsong named Kodea has revealed that he has brought his boxers to fight at Rachadamnern , but they have all lose to their couple boxers no matter San Phraranchai , Kaew Phraranchai and Sia Pharanchai. Consequently, it should accept that the environment and their names have worse than their couple ones. However, on this Thursday Sing Phraranchai would like to gain his good name to earn the score by practicing himself well. Similarly, after he has removed himself from Suek Phunsia at Krabee province due to his instant sickness , now he has been practicing himself all the time. Additionally, Kodea told that before Sing Phraranchai ,who has his former name as Sing or Denlanna S. Weeraphon might change his name to the current one , he has tied up with Chaointree Kerttichareonchai at Nakornthammarat province. However, since February 2015 after he has moved to the new boxing camp he has won his couple ones for 12 matches , he might grasp the champion to be in the ranking of 13rd.

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