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Fighting the most excellent in his life ; Morakotdam has been cheered up to grasp the champion. @ 2015-12-03

Samir Nai Ph. Chaiwat has boasted that this match Morakotdam S. Dechaphan has practiced himself hardest in his life ; moreover, now he is ready to fight with Tukkataphet S. Kerttiwat to grasp the champion of Thai Insurance. Then, Morakotdam has never knocked anyone ; consequently, both of them might fight together again on this Saturday of 28th November 2015 on TGN channel. Finally, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss this program.

Currently, it has come to the Semifinal round already , so Sam A might fight with Tukkataphet S. Kerttiwat. Similarly, Morakotdam S. Dechaphan Saibee Rangkhwao Chareonkittikorn might fight with Phetwego Sanyalormaxaungthong on 8th Thai Insurance program. Consequently, Saminai P. Chaiwat or the good train of S. Dechaphan boxing camp and Luakbanyai have revealed their mind that for this match Morakotdam S. Dechaphan has practiced himself in the best way of his life. Then, he might show his good performance with his great attention without being knocked before. Lastly, on this match he might show the severe form to become the champion for sure.

Samirnai P. Chaiwat has revealed that for this match he has prepared himself well with his much attention to fight for this match on his life. In addition, it might have the good trainer for Luakbanyai and S. Dechaphan boxing camp. Thus, it can view the history of the boxer to be sure that this couple one might fight with funniness to show the good performance of course.

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