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"Yodlekphet" is still hot to fight with "Umano". @ 2015-12-13

Sia Mai Bangkapi has locked the queue by making the list on the big match at Rachadamnern boxing stadium in order to let Yodlekphet A. Phitisak to fight with Kenchi Umano with funniness. Then, it still doesn’t know whom might be the loser , so anyone can be knocked all the times by fighting on 132 pounds equally as well as knowing the other lists to fight soon.

Sia Mai told that on last Wednesday after the master one has finished to fight on the last match at Chuchareon of Rachadamnern boxing stadium , Sommai Sakulmateta has revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that on the last match in Suek Chuchareon Muai Thai for Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong he has selected the boxer to join in the big match of pre-birthday at Rachadamnern boxing stadium on last 23rd December 2015 that is Yodlekphet A. Phitisak. Besides, after he has knocked Samingdate Datefaifah to grasp the championof lightweight at Rachadamnern boxing stadium , he might fight with Kenji Umano or the Japanese one after he has lost to Seksan A. Khwanmeung with severe form. Therefore, Sia Mai told that now he has made a decision to select Yodlekphet to join on the big match of the year at Rachadamnern boxing stadium , so he should prepare himself to fight continuously with Kenji or the Japanese one with severe form. Thus, anyone can be knocked all the times , but soon it should inform that for the birthday of Rachadamnern in this year he might setup for the greatest match consisting of the different boxers from different boxing stadiums to join in this program.

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