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"Yodkhunphon" has showed the good performance. @ 2016-01-22

It should ask whether A Sitmonchai might feel sad if Yodkhunphon has showed the good form without passing into the final round. However, he confirms that he has done with his best task.

Later, A Sitmonchai has revealed his mind after Yodkhunphon has lost to Desellek Pangkongphrab in the Semi Final round of 1 million baht Isuzu on Suek Chao Muai Thai at the end of the year of last 26th December in A.D. 2015 at Siam Om Noi that

All the times several Muay Thai fans have blamed for the fighting of Yodkhunphon , but there are several ones to send encouragement to him. However, A. Sitmonchai has accepted that in this time Yodkhunphon has showed his good form , but he can’t pass into the final round though he has tried his best. Similarly, he still has his wound on his arms on the third round before losing to Deselek. Then, now Yodkhunphon might have a chance to grasp only the third rank only with his good spirit.

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