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"Wacharaphon" might protect the champion on channel 7 by showing the excellent form. @ 2016-02-21

Chun Kertphet or Pheerapong Theeradatepong who is the beloved promoter of the Muay Thai fans of channel 7 is preparing to send the happiness to the Muay Thai fans continuously on this Sunday of 31st January 2016. Besides, there might be another master couple one to protect the champion in Flyweight boxing program on channel 7 that Watcharaphon P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim might fight with Ronnachai Santiubon to favor of the Muay Thai fans.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See that will broadcast on this Sunday of 30th January 2016 at Morchit boxing stadium , Chun Kertphet might make the lists of the good couple boxers to make entertainment to the Muay Thai fans continuously. Then, there will be 6 couple ones to fight continuously for being selected well , especially for the master one to protect the champion on Flyweight of channel 7. Therefore, it will begin with Onesongkran K. Phankrut to fight with Kansuai Sasiphrapha in 120 pounds following by Yodbuathong S. Siaphet to fight with Phetniran Dabransarakham in 124 pounds. Additionally, there might be the second couple boxer or Desellek Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu to fight with Phetnakhian Kertchareonchai in 130 pound. Similarly, there will be the outstanding couple one of the program to protect the champion on Flyweight of channel 7 boxing camp in 112 pounds between the old champion or Watcharaphon P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim to fight with Ronnachai Santiubon. Furthermore, there will be another 2 master couple ones that are Phetsiri Dabransarakham to fight with Taichan S. Phanyokit in 109 pound and the last one or Fahmai Dabransarakham to fight with Yodmongkol S. Somphotyim in 100 pound also.

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