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"Bu" has confirmed Kamchai to take the good plan for letting "Portortor" for fighting excellently. @ 2016-04-01

Sia Bu Muengphet or the promoter of Suek Phetsuphaphan or the head of Portortor Phetrungriang has the program to grasp the champion of 26th Isuzu with the old proponent or Desellek Pangkongphrab on Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 27th February 2016 of Siam Om Noi Muay Thai stadium. Besides, this program might broadcast on channel 3, so with the severer knee boxer of Desellek he might be the winner of this game. As the result, he has informed to the teamwork of Phetrungriang boxing camp for planning this game excellently.

Therefore, Desellek should fight on this game in the awesome way in order to stop for being made the list in the next matches.

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