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Mahasarakham will give more money to cheer up "Rattanaphon". @ 2016-05-01

Sia Ya Muengchon or the supporter of Muai Sit Thong Pond boxing camp and the teamwork from A. Wapheephathum of Mahasarakham province is preparing to cheer up Rattanaphon Sitthongpond at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Moreover, he is going to fight with Fluknoi Moosaphanmai with his confidence of good strategy to become the winner of this game.

Now, it has the better current for Suek One Weeraphon and Suek Moosaphanmai that might broadcast on this 19th April 2016 at Lumphinee. Then, after finishing of Songkran Festival this couple one might come back to fight continuously on the boxing stadium. Then, lately Sia Ya Muengchon or the supporter of Sitthongpond boxing camp has revealed that he is confident to cheer up for Rattanaphon Sitthongpound without afraid of Fluknoi Moosaphanmai because of the good strategy of Rattanaphon.

Muengchon said that for this match it might bring the cheer team from Sitthongpond boxing camp and the teamwork from District Wapheephathum of Mahasarakham province coming by a lot of cars to cheer up for Rattanaphon at Lumphinee boxing stadium. Besides, if Fluknoi Moosaphanmai has the good teamwork too , he can show of them because the teamwork of Rattanaphon and Muengchon are ready to cheer up Rattanaphon in the better way of course.

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