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"Phetsemok" has his enough advantage in himself. @ 2016-05-11

Now, Phetsemok W. Wichit or the severe knee boxer has showed the excellent form again to win the scores of New Luakrak Singpomphrab with funniness by keeping the significant 2 scores for 9th Thai Insurant boxing round on last 9th April 2016. Thus, on this 14th May 2016 he might fight in the final round with Tangthong Phetmaneerat at Lumphinee boxing stadium. And, now he has gained 3 scores on two matches.

Phetsemok has revealed that now he has still practiced himself not excellently , so he should improve himself increasingly to have his better body condition. Moreover, the teamwork should watch the tape for the fighting of Thangthong Phetmaneerat , but it believes that this game might be amusing of course. Similarly, he is confident that he might use his powerful knee to overcome his couple one to pass into the second match for sure with the good cheering team of Mahasarakham. Finally, for Suek Maemai Muai Thai that might broadcast on this Saturday of 16th April 2016 Bright TV might broadcast this game as the same time since 2.00 – 4.00 p.m. as the master one between Phayakchumphon Sitchamroon to fight with Sanganda Rachanon in 113 pounds or in 9th Thai Insurance game. And, other winning couple ones can pass into the second match too.

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