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"Kai" is quite proud for his 2 beloved boxers to fight as the master ones. @ 2016-05-21

Kai Sitkaewphraphon or the big boss of Sitkaewphraphon boxing camp is honored about his work after his 2 boxers in the team ; namely, Khunsueknoi and Mangkornkhao might fight as the master couple ones in the same time for 2 programs at 2 boxing stadiums. Then, the Muay Thai fans can cheer up for these 2 boxers without being disappointed for sure. Significantly, Khunsuek noi might fight as the master one by broadcasting on channel 3 of Suek Chao Muai Thai while Mangkornkhao might fight with Phonphon Phumphanmueng as the master one by broadcasting on channel 5.

Besides, Kai Sitkhaewphraphon or the head of Sitkaewphraphon boxing camp has said that now he has trained these 2 boxers by himself all day , such as the preparation , the practicing , the well-beings , the weights and the nourishment with his confidence to become the winners for both.

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