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The Promoter Mit will open for his house to have each boxer exchanged. @ 2016-06-01

Now, the promoter Mit Nakorn has thanked for the experts of boxing to come for giving encouragement to the couple ones of Suek One Mit Chai on this Monday of 9th May in 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Then, with this reason it can keep the ticket price for that day with 1.6 million baht counting as the successful mission. On the other hand, there were some couple ones who had been knocked so fast without the controlling. So, in this time it will open his house for exchanging for the different programs to join with each other. Thus, if anyone would like to grasp for the boxers of Phetyindee can propose to Mit Nakorn to make the lists with suitability for each one or double ones without any problem to get the correct couple ones.

Mit Nakorn said that in overall of the last program , he felt satisfied in his work ,and now he is trying to go forward to make his master pieces for favoring the Muay Thai fans continuously as the calling of everyone to see each of his work.

Furthermore, now Mit Nakorn has revealed additionally that he is ready to open his house to exchange all of different program boxers to fight with each other no matter of from Lumphinee or Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Thus, it will be beneficial to every party if it grasps the correct one to level up the trends of the boxing circle with the proposing of someone only.

Therefore, Mit Nakorn would like everyone not have the secret among each other because he thinks that if this action is successful , the promoter of Lumphinee or Rachadamnern or even the trends of the boxing circle might gain the better name absolutely.

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