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The experts would like to watch the game between "Chalarm" fighting with "Phanphayak". @ 2016-07-11

Now, the experts of boxing would like to watch the game of Chalarm Pharanchai or the hot form to fight with the excellent of 3 years or Phanphayak Chitmuengnon. Moreover, it accepts that this is the interesting couple one , so it should cheer up for the new promoter of Lumphinee boxing stadium or Ouan Muengnon and Chun Kertphet to compete for making the list of this one to be the benefits of the boxing circle too.

On last Wednesday, the reporter of Muai Siam Daily has been revealed from the experts of boxing leading by Phu Saraburi that now he has made the good attitude in the case of Chalarm Pharanchai to show the excellent form. However, he can’t find the couple one to fight , except from making the pressure to Phanphayak Chitmuengnon to fight with Chalarm in 123 pounds only as the fitted one. In addition, everyone would like to watch this couple one to fight with each other by cheering the new promoter or Ouan Muengnon including of promoter Wanphet at Lumphinee or Chun Kertphet to coordinate to the head boxing camps to let the Muay Thai fans to watch this game.

Therefore, if it has this couple one to fight on this game , it might keep the ticket prices over than 2.5 million baht for sure, so with the good strategy of the couple one , it shouldn’t wait for a long time to be matched.

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