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The experience ones will fight to each other on channel NOW. @ 2016-07-22

The promoter Khomchadluek of Suek Muai Thai from Hadyai or the significant one has asked for the Muay Thai fans that each one of the master one has the better form between Yodthongthai Kertchareonchai fighting with Phetmorakot or Teedet 99 or the excellent strategy one. However, with both good performance , it is certain that both of them can make the excitement to the Muay Thai fans. And, it is depending on the chance.

Furthermore, They will fight with each other in 128 pounds on this Sunday of 26 June, 2016 for Khomchadluek Suek Muai Thai Tornamthai The Hero.

Therefore, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss for this important match to get amusement by broadcasting on channel Now 26 since 6.20 p.m. to 8.50 p.m. at Khomchadluek boxing stadium or Ortorkor 3 of Nontaburi province.

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