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"Wittayalek" would like to fight with anyone to show his fresh form. @ 2016-07-30

In this moment, Wittayalek Phetsemuen or the famous one in small size has showed his hot form to fight with anyone in 105-106 pounds. Thus, in this hour he is ready to become to be the well-known one in the future.

Therefore, now there is Wittayalek Phetsemeun or the new star in small size from Phetsemuen boxing camp of Wittaya Phetsemeun to show the great performance on the last match. Besides, he has just knocked Fahlak P. Phetkaikaew in the third round and lately he just defeated Santhanong T. Silachai to gain the better name.

Wittaya has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that he believes that he might become to be the great boxer with his better form after he has kncoked Fahlan and lately he just defeated Santhanong in 105-106 pounds with his fresh form.

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