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"Deer" has selected for 3 big master boxers including of “Sakulchai fighting with Arwutlek”. @ 2016-08-09

For Suek Khomchadlek Muai Thai on this Sunday of 17 July, 2016 , it will broadcast on Now Channel at Khomchadleuk boxing stadium. Then, there will be the master one or Sakulchai Weronafarm to fight with Arwutlek Kertchareonchai. However, on the latest match Arwutlek Kertchareonchai has lost the game to Phlakad P. Pheannaphat with several points. On the other hand, for the second one it still has Sankeng Keelasports to fight with Phattana Nittiphiphat Thanaikhwam with the other couple one or Siasat fighting with Phetmeungkao.

In next week , Deer Kertphet has made the 3 master one lists to fight on this program ; namely, Sakulchai Weronafarm fighting with Arwutlek Kertchareonchai following by the second one or Sankeng Keelasports fighting with Phattana Nithiphatthanaikhwam and the supporting one or Siasat Paemeanburi fighting with Phetmuengkao T. Taksin. In addition, the Muay Thai fans can watch this program on this Sunday surely.

After that, it will follow with the severe ones from Bright TV ; namely, Domethong Lallalintour fighting with Mafiangnoi Luakmakhwamwarn and the first one or Phetmongkol Sitsoranne fighting with Waifai M. Basechiangmai.

Deer has revealed that on the last week all couple boxers have fought with severity to favor of the Muay Thai fans , so in this week there will be the teamwork and him including of 3 big master boxers to favor of the Muay Thai fans. Then, it should thank you for the teamwork of voice actor to gather up in a crowd at Muai Khom Chad Luek boxing stadium and all teamwork to make the happiness to the Muay Thai fans on the last match much.

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