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It will catch the eyes on "Phetsamrej" as the real one. @ 2016-09-08

Lately, Phetsamrej Orbortor Nongyangtoy or the new knocker of 3 matches in Bangkok has always showed the good performance. Then, Wittaya Phetsemean or the promotor is ready to make the list for him to fight with Danburapha Sorkhor Lekthaweewattana on Suek Yod Muai Thairat TV. Then, this match will setup on this Saturday of 6 August in 2016 , and it should follow the match whether to have the knocking.

For the couple boxers on Suek Yod Muai Thairat TV of this Saturday, it will be the meeting between Danburapha Sorkhor Lektaweewattana and Phetsamrej Orbortor Nongyangtoy from Lopburi province. Besides, they will fight in 113 pounds as the suitable one. Thus, Sia Wittaya Phetsemeun has let the Muay Thai fans to watch the form of Phetsamrej on the next match after he has won on his full 3 matches by knocking. In addition, in the future he might become to be the well-known one surely.

Wittaya said that it isn’t in common way for Phetsamrej after he has fought severely on his 3 matches. Thus, on this Saturday he will fight on the first couple one for Thairat TV channel with Danburapha with his confidence to be the winner.

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