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"Phanphayak" may face with “Yodlekphet” with the great chance to get revenge for. @ 2016-10-09

Now, the Sergeant Tik has bested regard to the Litunent Hin or Phichit Kasornmala or the senior of Yodlekphet to bring for Phanphayak to make the list with Yodlekphet for once again. Besides, it can do in this term if Phanphayak has won Phonaek M. Phuwana already. Moreover, they will fight as the master one of Suek Bangrachan of the commander Phrachuab Paoin on this Monday of 22 August in 2016 at Rachadamnern.

Lately, the commander Phrachuab Paoin has made the list between Phanphayak Sitchatik to fight with Phonaek M. Phuwana in 133 pounds for proving the performance. And, now they are both in the good condition with the readiness to fight.

Similarly, Phichit Kasornmala or the head of Yodlekphet A. Phitisak has recommended for Phanphayak to get revenge again with Phonaek. However, if in this time he can’t perform well , he mightn’t fight with him anymore. On the other hand, he is certain to grasp the champion in this match.

Therefore, Phrachuab or the promoter of Suek Bangrachan or one of the teamwork of Palangmai group has revealed that this next match is the interesting one. Moreover, they will be the master one of Palangmai group while there will be the big program waiting on this end of September. Finally, one of them will have the good chance to fight with Yodlekphet which is depending on the form of both.

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