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The two boxers from "Ch. Haphayak" are still wondering ; they will fight again. @ 2016-11-09

Sia Luang Flukbameekaew of Ch. Haphayak boxing camp has accepted that it is pitiful much that Intrachai and Taksila Ch. Haphayak has lost the game to the couple ones. Then, it should ask for Thongchai to let these two boxers to get revenge again by moving to fight at Rachadamnern instead. In addition, now Rachadamnern boxing stadium has its much convenience than the old area.

Recently, Intrachai Ch. Haphayak has just fought as the master one of Suek Yod Muai Thairat by being knocked from Kaiwanlek T. Laksong with the elbows until being the loser. However, previously in the early rounds he had his more advantages with the scores of 15-1. On the same way, though Thaksila has his more advantages than Chaided Sakhoam, he just lost him with not many scores. Thus, one of the teamwork have accepted to be disappointed and lost the hope for both of Intrachai and Taksila to lose the games. Therefore, he would like Thongchai Rattanasuban to make the lists of both of them to fight for getting revenge again.

Sia Luang said that he would like Thongchai to make the lists of these two boxers to fight at Rachadamnern boxing stadium to favor the Muay Thai fans. Then, it will be the good trend of the boxing circle for seeing these two boxers to fight in this match for sure.

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