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"Thongchai" has guaranteed to setup the big program with full options. @ 2016-11-21

The brilliant promoter or Thongchai Rattanasuban has guaranteed for the quality of Thairat couple boxers on 1 year anniversary with success. However, now the lists of the couple boxers are the same, so it is believed that they might create the good history for the boxing circle in the future surely.

On this Saturday of 24 September in 2016, it will setup the new program at Montree Studio by Thongchai Rattanasuban as the master couple one of this age. Besides, there will be the lists as this following : Phetmuengchon Sudsakorn Muai Thai Yim to protect the champion of Feather Weight in 126 pounds with Chanaphet 91 Rungroj following by Intrachai Ch. Haphayak to fight with Sammon Deckkor from Sweden , Siayai Ch. Haphayak to grasp the champion of Thairat in 108 pounds with Wittayalek Phetsemeun , Kongthoranee T. Laksong to fight with Phetphanlan Big M Yim , Phadetsuek Orbortor Nongsaphan to fight with Sanleum Phuideenaidee and the last one or Keereeluang Ch. Haphayak to fight with Phadetsuek Phetsemuen.

Thongchai said that for 1 year anniversary of the success in Suek Yod Muai Thairat on this 24September in 2016, it has full of the well-known couple boxers. Therefore, there will be the hot couple one to grasp the champion in 108 pounds between Sia Yai Ch. Haphayak to fight with Wittayalek Phetsemeun as the significant one. Then,it can guarantee that it will be amusing to be worth for waiting as well as giving the happiness to the Muay Thai fans for sure.

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