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"Satanfah" will show the best form to get revenge of "Fahpheneung". @ 2016-11-29

Suriya Ch. Wego or the good trainer of Imminent air is really confident that Satanfah Imminent Air might get revenge with Phenneung Ph. Lakbun by being the master one of Muai Thai Ched See on this 27 November , 2016. However, he has lost to this boxer at Lumphinee boxing stadium before ,and that time he had to bargain his weight to him. On the other hand, in this time he will fight with this one in equal weight of 120 pounds, so he has to prepare himself well to show his good performance.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See, now it has showed the lists of the couple boxers who will fight on this Sunday of 27 November, 2016. Significantly, Chun Kertphet has selected for the good performance to fight as the master one of the program ; namely, Satanfah Imminent Air fighting with Phennueng Ph. Lakbun in 120 pounds. Moreover, in this match Suriya Ch. Weeko has guaranteed that among all boxers, Satanfah has showed the best form. As the result, it is surely that he might win Kamchai for sure.

On the last match Satanfah has lost his old boxer because he was the substitute one with bargaining weight. However, in this time it has guaranteed for the good performance differently with the past surely. In addition, he has prepared himself well with his perfect body condition for being the master one of channel 7. Then, he might win the better strategy and experience one or Phenneung in this match for sure. Similarly, the Muay Thai fans should cheer up him loudly too as the good encouragement for him.

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