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It has push up "Luakkhwan" to become the top one. @ 2016-12-10

Sorchor Wao or Phatsathorn Sittikarn has accepted that now Sorchor Wichit Padraew has promised that if Luakkhwan Sorchor Wao Padraew or his boxer has won Pornphithak Phithakmuengkhan on Suek Muai Dee Witheethai , he might allow this boxer to grasp the champion in the next match. Moreover, this program will broadcast on this Sunday of 20 November, 2016 at Rangsit boxing stadium. In addition, for this match Luakkhwan has devoted to pay attention for practicing and preparing himself fully for proving his great performance to the Muay Thai fans.

Sorchor Wao or Phatsathorn Sittikarn or the big boss of Sorchor Waopadraew has revealed that now he has brought Luakkwan to fight with Pornphithak Phithakmuengkhan on Muai Dee Withee Thai broadcasting on NBT. Similarly, all the times Luakkhwan has showed the excellent forms by being the winners for several matches. However, with his not too much famous name ,except for winning the well-known ones for several games , this game on 20 November, 2016 will be the judge game for him to become to be the famous one by grasping the champion and wearing the champion belt as other excellent ones.

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