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"Kumarnthong" will meet with "Tawanchai" again. @ 2016-12-29

In the next match Ouan Muengnon will make the list of Nawaphon Chokpraneefarm to fight with Lomhuan Sitlomnao as the master one of Suek Phetmuengnon on this 20thDecember, 2016. Besides, there will have the second one or Kumarnthong Chitmuengnon fighting with Tawanchai P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim and the supporting one or Kaka Paemeanburi fighting with Oneman P.Prasit and other excellent ones.

Additionally, there will be other ones joining on Suek Phetmuengnon of this 20 December, 2016 ; namely, Phetmeungthai Phetkertphet fighting with Nuengphayak Ph. Chareonphat , Aekkachai Sorchor Lekmuengnon fighting with Yodbuathong S. Siaphet and Orono Chanewitkorsrang fighting with Yodsing Singmarwin.

Ouan has emphasized that in this time all of the couple ones are perfect,especially for the second one. Furthermore, after fighting in the full round on the last match it showed that Kumarnthong has gained the scores of 3-1. Unfortunately, when adding all the points the result had shown that he has lost the scores of Tawanchai in 2-1 scores. Therefore, with this result, it makes the teamwork feel wonder and would like him to fight with this couple one again. Finally, in this match it shows that all of them are the interesting ones no matter of the master one , the supporting ones and others.

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