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If you want to learn muay thai , Thailand is the good place with many muay thai training camp . At Phuket island have a good muay thai camp , then you will get good muaythai gym .

muay thai training

muaythai training muay thai muaythai information

muay thai training video

I have plan to put video of muay thai , everyone can help me .

muay thai fighting video

I have plan to take video of fighting in soon .

muay thai fighter

I want to introduce the good thai fighters to the world , such as Bua Khaw , San chai and etc .
If you have free time , you can help me to write information of muay thai .
I want everyone in the world to know muay thai .

There are a lot of muay thai information with my document of muay thai .
For Example : Thus, apart from the well-known ones there will be the other ones ; namely, Sornphet Sitchareonthrab to fight with Phetmongkol Phetphuthorn after the master couple boxer or Phetdam Kertkittiphan to fight with Phetwai S. Sophid and Kimluai to fight with Phetdate Sakwichian , so the Muay Thai fans in Thailnad might not be disappointed for sure. Thus, everyone shouldn’t arrive home so earlier.

Information :  Buakaw out of retirement in 2012    news 2012-08-09
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Damnern muay thai camp 2013-10-26    Chun supports Phetonemai 2013-10-31    The interesting muay thai camps lists 2013-11-06    Thanonchai showed his talented form 2013-11-11    Give more chances for Yodkhunpon 2013-11-16    Phanphayak has been fitted 2013-11-21    OnePhichit might defeat Takhak 2013-11-26    Nuengthep boasted to overcome Kengkhla 2013-12-01    Nong Phee VS Phetnamchai 2013-12-06    Sukthad didn't apologize for anyone 2013-12-11    Praewphak would like to get revenge 2013-12-16    Pheemai should have his best effort 2013-12-22    Bank would like to grasp all prizes 2014-01-01    Deeday VS Phetphimai 2014-01-11    Phetmuengchon has lost to Olay 2014-01-21    Chuchareaon has the better form 2014-01-31    Superlek might fight with amusement 2014-02-10    Shopper VS Yodtanong 2014-02-20    Suek OneThongChai isn't ready 2014-03-02    Phokaew VS Songkhom 2014-03-12    Desellek VS Yetkin 2014-03-22    Suek Phantainorasing 2014-04-01    Ninsiam VS Daewfai 2014-04-12    Never be afraid of the excellent one 2014-04-21    "Chane" warned every boxers 2014-05-01    Chatchainoi has lost to Banchaisukothai 2014-05-11    The Semi Final of TGN Channel 2014-05-21    Phonluang VS Phanphayak 2014-05-31    Sakulchailek has faced the hard task 2014-06-10    Chalongchai VS SiaKim 2014-06-20    Aek supports Aekanan to be the champion 2014-06-30    Yodsusan boasted to defeat Phlakad 2014-07-10    Harnsueklek has been supported by Sia Khwag 2014-07-20    Set the goal to train "Khaimookandaman 2" 2014-07-30    2 bosses have thanked for the Muay Thai fans 2014-08-09    "Riam" said that "Sakchainoi" is firm 2014-08-19    "A little" sakchai exuberant 2014-08-29    Kongsak VS Seksan 2014-09-08    "Mit" has thanked for the Muay Thai fans 2014-09-18    The big match of Lumphinee Champion Kirkkrai 2014-09-28    Weber program should wait for the conclusion 2014-10-08    "Thua Khao" has broken on his 2 tooth 2014-10-18    "Toi" would like to gain million baht 2014-10-28    Wonder because "Rungrat" has lost the game 2014-11-07    Thanonchai called for Bank and Taksinlek 2014-11-17    The Bone of "Siurach" is broken 2014-11-27    Aekmongkol VS Methee 2014-12-07    Suek Muai Thai Lumphinee 2014-12-17    Boasted to win "Yokwittaya" 2014-12-28    Farewell the New Year’s Eve 2015-01-06    Rotlek has showed the good form 2015-01-19    It has several prizes of goat year 2015-01-29    Urge "Sriutai" to fight with his long ques 2015-02-08    Catch eyes on Duang to win Lamnammoonlek 2015-02-18    Sialek VS Riangdate 2015-03-28    Chomphichit VS Songkhom 2015-04-08    It should watch "Takulyang" 2015-04-17    Phetbunsong might grasp the million baht 2015-04-27    Yodkhunsuek VS Yodkitsada 2015-05-17    Open the lists of Max 2015-06-06    "Rit" might become the top boxer 2015-06-17    Oungree VS Phetrung 2015-06-26    Khwanchai might fight on 5th Weber Tukkae 2015-07-06    Phetsuphaphan VS Santhanong 2015-07-16    Mit Nakorn is really confident 2015-07-26    Suek King thong 2015-07-29    Phetcheecha has showed the good performance 2015-08-05    Sorchor Wichit has warned not to have any problem 2015-08-15    Singphraranchai has showed the excellent form 2015-08-25    Suek One Mit Chai on Mother day 2015-09-04    "Klasuek" might overcome "Sam A" 2015-09-24    It shouldn’t believe on the rumor at all 2015-10-05    The establishment day of Lumphinee 2015-10-14    "Kodea" has cheered up for "Sing" 2015-10-24    Mongkolchai VS Sia Kim 2015-11-03    "Thaleang" emphasized on the cheated ones 2015-11-12    Choosing the right activity to improve your health 2015-11-22    Fighting the most excellent in his life 2015-12-03    "Yodlekphet" is still hot to fight with "Umano" 2015-12-13    Command "Sangutai" to show the good form 2016-01-03    The master one of Suek Phetphiya 2016-01-13    Yodkhunphon has showed the good performance 2016-01-22    Wichit is really happy for the good feedback 2016-02-11    "Wacharaphon" might protect the champion 2016-02-21    Kiekkong has overcome Fais Luaksuan 2016-03-02    "Phetngam" might show the excellent strategy 2016-03-22    Desellek might be the winner 2016-04-01    It shouldn’t miss the program 2016-04-11    Sangmanee has bargained 2016-04-22    Rattanaphon VS Fluknoi 2016-05-01    Phetsemokhas showed the excellent form again 2016-05-11    "Kai" is quite proud for his 2 beloved boxers 2016-05-21    The Promoter Mit will open for his house 2016-06-01    Sukthad has cleared all the lists of couple boxers 2016-06-11    Mai will ask the couple ones to show the excellent form 2016-06-20    "Yokdam" might pass into the semifinal round 2016-06-30    Chalarm VS Phanphayak 2016-07-11    Yodthongthai VS Phetmorakot 2016-07-22    "Wittayalek" would like to fight with anyone 2016-07-30    Sakulchai VS Arwutlek 2016-08-09    Oungree VS Praewpak 2016-08-19    Phetsamrej has always showed the good performance 2016-09-08    Yodthuanthong Academy is really confident 2016-09-19    "True For You" will fight on this Friday 2016-09-29    "Phanphayak" may face with "Yodlekphet" 2016-10-09    Changsuek VS Yokwittaya 2016-10-19    "Ch. Haphayak" are still wondering 2016-11-09    "Thongchai" will setup the big program 2016-11-21    "Satanfah" will show the best form 2016-11-29    Luakkhwan has showed the excellent forms 2016-12-10    Thepphabut VS Sakchai 2016-12-19    Kumarnthong will meet with Tawanchai again 2016-12-29

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