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Techniques employed in Muay Thai

It helps those who are not familiar with the term Muay Thai to know that this term is the name of a traditional Thai sport, kick boxing. Though there are many different types and forms of martial art throughout the world, and though each one of them depend upon several attacking and defending techniques, each one of them have several techniques that are unique to them. It is also the same with Muay Thai which is also referred to as Thai kick boxing. There are confusions over the actual translation of the sport from the Thai language to the English, since the term `Muay’ means both `a knot’ & `boxing.’

There are many muaythai training camps in Thailand, especially in the idyllic island of Phuket where one can learn more about this sport with the assistance of able and trained teachers. However, here are basic details of some of the muay thai techniques that are employed by the sport of Muay Thai. Unlike some other martial arts that employ external weapons, the art of Muay Thai uses the limbs of the human body for attacking and defending. The combatant of Muay Thai has several weapons that he or she can use while fighting with opponents and they are parts of his body like the feet, fists, knees, and elbows.

The four techniques of muay thai :

These are four of the eight weapons that contestants can select from and though one can possibly win a fight by mastering the use of just one weapon, it is only by gaining mastery over all the eight weapons that the combatant can confidently fight their opponent. While attending the training camps that impart training in Muay Thai, the students are also taught, apart from the art of Muay Thai, about the vunerable spots of the human body. They are also taught how to protect their vunerable spots when they are being attacked.

This is a type of defense and is also a part of Muay Thai which is more popularly known as an attacking sport. Knowledge of taking the proper boxing guard is also very essential. If the combatant does not know how to guard his or her body properly, they can face enormous physical harm. This guard must be maintained at all times during the duration of the fight irrespective of the direction or the movement the Muay Thai boxer takes. Next comes the knowledge of the punch and this requires using the joint forces of the foot, hips, and shoulders along with forming the fist in the correct manner.

Combatants are taught that the rear fist deploys the maximum strength and the most effective manner of punching is with the knuckles. There are different types of punches and some of them include the straight punch, the jab, the upper cut, and the hook. As is well known, Muay Thai also employs the lower limbs too while attacking and some of the well known attacking shots delivered by the foot are low kicks, the roundhouse kick, and the push kick.

I will try to write the muay thai techniques in the future . Next time i will teach how to kick as muay thai fighters and how to knee in muay thai .

Last Update : July 20th , 2012