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The Oriental Beauty Called Thailand

Where else in the whole world can you experience the rich culture, inspiring architecture, historical sites, theaters, museums, and unlimited shopping, other than Thailand. It is the 50th largest country and one of the most pious Buddhist countries in the world. On the first glance you will fall in love with the city, which is famous for its silverware, wood carvings, lacquer, and ceramics. It’s a perfect holiday destination, and you will have a spectacular time with your friends and family members. Make sure to carry your camera, so that you can capture all the wonderful moments of your trip.

Art & Culture

You will be amazed to know that the literature of Thailand is highly influenced by the culture of India and the culture by Buddhism. The classical Thai architecture depicts a great influence of Buddhism. Everything from music to dance, and architecture and sculpture depicts the rich culture of Thailand. Music in Thailand is a combination of both the classical tradition and the folk.

Customs and Traditions

You will be astounded to know that it is considered to be rude in Thailand if you step on a coin, because it has the kings head imprinted on it. It is a custom to greet your friends and relatives with Wai, which is quite similar to an Indian Namaste.


People in Thailand enjoy playing football and Thai boxing or mauy thai is the most highly watched sports. The other popular sports played are volleyball, takraw, and rattan ball. However Thailand is birth place of muay thai or muaythai.

Well-known Thailand Destinations and Tourist Spots Bangkok, Krabi, Phuket Island, Mae Sia, and Trang are some of the popular tourist destinations which you should surely not miss to visit during your trip to Thailand.

Nightlife & Shopping

The nightlife in Thailand is as colorful as the daytime; there are a number of bars, pubs, movie theaters, dance bars, and more. It’s a shopper’s paradise with unlimited malls, small shops, and departmental stores. You can even enjoy duty free shopping at some places. Some of the best buys in Thailand are doll masks, painted umbrellas, bamboo and wooden art crafts. Apart from that you can purchase clothes, accessories, flowers and much more


There are unlimited luxurious dwelling options in Thailand that provides outstanding service to locals and tourists alike. You can book your preferred hotel through internet or consult your travel agent for the same.


The restaurants in Thailand have something to lure one and all. You can try out the traditional Thai food, which is hot, sweet, spicy and bitter, or you can opt for central, southern, and Chinese cuisines. Some of the restaurants that serve delicious food are Mi Casa, A Garden, Fuzio, and Party House One.

Modes of Traveling

There are various modes of transportation in Thailand, such as urban rain, private automobiles, taxis and one of the most inventive means of transportation is tuk-tuk. It is a three wheeler power-driven vehicle that is considered as a symbol of Thai ingenuity. There are various hotels that provide you with special transportation through tuk-tuk. You will surely have a great vacation in Thailand, so much so, that you are going to suggest it to all friends and relatives, and given a chance you would definitely want to visit it again.

If you want to learn muay thai , Thailand is the good place with many muay thai training camp. Becuase there are many muay thai training camps in Thailand . If you live muay thai in Thailand , please contact us .

Many people ask about muay thai training thailand , the answer is you just go to Thailand and find the suitable muay thai training camp for your level becuase muay thai training is good for every levels . There are many muay thai camps in south and north area .

The best time to visit most of Thailand is between November and February, because it rains the least and it is not too hot. This period is also Thailand’s main season for festivals, like Loi Krathong or Vegetarian festival. If have more rain , it is not good to train muay thai becuaes many muay thai camps are close and don't train.

Many tourist come to train muay thai in every year , because they are happy the holiday and the life in muay thai camp .

Thailand have many places for tourist so there are many muay thai training camps in anywhere in Thailand . If like to watch mountain , you should go to train muay thai at the north .

Every months are good to travel in Thailand , because the weather is good all year . So it is no problem to train muay thai .

Thailand have 4 regions but south of Thailand have beaches . So many people travel at the South of Thailand and train muay thai .

Last Update : July 20th , 2012