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Learning Muay Thai or training Muay Thai

If you are interested on training in martial arts of muaythai , chances are that you might have heard about Muay Thai, a sport that is extremely popular in several Asian countries and whose origins lie in Thailand. Though people often refer to Muay Thai as Thai boxing, the literal translation of the phrase is `knotted Thai boxing.’ Thousand of tourists visit Thailand every day, especially during the holiday season and most of them are interested and are drawn by the centuries old culture of this country and by the warmth of the people. They are also attracted to Thailand because of its exquisite cuisine and also because of the amazing sights and sounds.

People also visit Thailand to know more about Buddhism and also to see the statue of the Golden Buddha. However, there are some people, especially practitioners of martial art, who visit this Asian country to learn more about the very old art of Thai kick boxing, which is known in the local language as Muay Thai. These people generally land up in the city of Phuket to learn more about this sport whose roots can be found in the Buddhist monks who used the same to ward off their enemies.

Though one can find several videos that demonstrate the art of Muay Thai, learning the same under the able guidance of an experienced, qualified, and certified teacher is a far better option. There are several camps in Phuket that help you to learn more about this ancient Thai art of kick boxing and you can enroll yourself over there to learn more about this art. Most people are under the impression that they need to have experience in some other martial before they can learn Muay Thai successfully. There are some others who believe that they need to have an extremely fit body in order to learn Thai kick boxing.

Though possessing a fit body helps, it is not an absolute necessity. The camps that impart the knowledge and techniques of Muay Thai are adequately equipped with equipment that assists one in toning their body. During the initial stages of learning, the trainees are put through a strict regime of body toning which helps them to tone down their body and also to make their muscles supple enough to undergo the training course. At the training camps or muay thai training thailand , experienced and able teachers, who are also known in the local language as Ajarn, educate students about the different learning phases of Muay Thai.

A muay thai training camp 2012:

While training at these centers or mauy thai training camp , you shall learn more about the different types of combat that Muay Thai consists of the basics of fighting techniques like offence, defense, the different types of combinations used in the sport along with ring fitness and conditioning of the body. While it is not possible to learn the art of Muay Thai in just a few days, it is recommended that you get in touch with training camps that teach this art of Thai kick boxing. They will set up the best possible schedule for you and assist you to learn the art of Muay Thai.

Mae Mai Muay Thai for training is the major fighting styles regarded as basic movements in Thai kickboxing. The trainees of Muay Thai kickboxing must learn and practice these techniques before training Look Mai Muay Thai, which are more detailed movements of Thai kickboxing

02-11-2012 , Muay Thai training is the good choice to improve the fitness .
Someone train muay thai for lose weight , becuase muay thai trianing is fun .
Many people want to learn from muay thai camp in Thailand . Becuase they can train with the real fighter and know how to kick , knee or elbow . So everyone are happy to learn muay thai .
The example of muay thai training program is the jumping lope , warm up , shadow boxing , bag working and pad working with the trainer . It is the hard training of muay thai in Thailand.
If any boxers can kick the pad work at least 5 round in every training session , they are strong muay thai fighters as the muay thai in Thailand .